South African Furry Convention 2018
2018 Registrations Open!!!

Event Date:
Fri 13 - Mon 16 July 2018

Full attendance (including accommodation, food and personalized con badge) starts at R1490

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Wild Wild West!
This year's convention will be held at Getaway Coaches, situated 30 mins east of Pretoria (50 mins drive from Johannesburg O.R. Thambo Airport).

Since we'll be staying over in train cabins, we felt it fitting that the theme for this year should be Wild Wild West. There will be spitbraais, fun activities, a fully-stocked bar that will stay open late (bringing your own booze is not permitted), optional venue activities ranging from quad biking to archery to horse riding, and much more!
Wild West Wolf art courtesy of Eskiworks

2017 Convention
The 2017 convention was at Magalies Retreat and was a success. We also raised R6280 for animal charity organizations.

2017 Full Reports & Info

We have a list of activities to do at the venue as well as the venue having its own activities for us to look forward to. Read more on the Info page!
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All Furries and friends (18+) are welcome. Groups such as cos players and bronies are also welcome provided they get along with furries and understand that activities will be based around the furry fandom.
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