Our Policy

The main goal of SAFC is for our attendees to have a fun experience. To that goal, we've developed these rules to ensure that everyone has as much fun as possible while staying safe and friendly.

If you are a member of the media interested in filming, photographing, or otherwise capturing our event for publication, please see our Media Rules page for guidelines.


General Conduct

  1. Follow all laws and be respectful to others.

  2. If you don't have anything nice to say, don’t say it.

  3. Please don't block pathways and high-traffic areas; step to the side.

  4. Actions causing disruption or discomfort to attendees, staff, or venue will result in badge revocation and expulsion.

  5. Placement of fliers, placards, or business cards is not permitted in any public areas, including tables, bars, and hallways. Flyers must be distributed within our convention space. Any postings outside of the con space, as well as any postings that are offensive, inappropriate, or pornographic, will be removed.

  6. Remember that we are hotel guests and must respect both the hotel and our own policies. Please keep in mind that your behavior and appearance will give them their first impression of the furry fandom. Respect their personal space and avoid approaching them unless they welcome you for a photo/hug/etc.

  7. Be respectful to non-convention guests and staff, providing a positive impression of the furry fandom. Avoid approaching them without their consent.

  8. Please think about your own and others' safety; don't throw items, don't tackle individuals from behind, and so on.

  9. Please maintain proper hygiene. If you are the source of a noticeable odor, staff may ask you to leave the con area.

  10. Display of adult materials (such as signs, flyers, business cards, badges, stickers, posters, and drawings, etc.) is not permitted in public areas of the venue.

  11. Lost or stolen items are not the responsibility of SAFC. Attendees should secure their belongings and report any incidents to Con Staff.

Alcohol and Drugs

  1. Smoking and vaping are not permitted in or around the con space. Smokers are asked to use designated smoking areas, properly dispose of cigarette butts, and comply with any other venue rules.

  2. Drink responsibly. You will be held accountable for your actions, whether under the influence or not. Babysitting someone who has had too much to drink is a pain for everyone. Also, don't drink and drive. Intoxicated persons may be removed from the convention venue and risk expulsion from the convention.

  3. Although marijuana is legal in South Africa, according to venue policy, no marijuana products are permitted anywhere within or outside the premises, including the parking lot. 

  4. Never give anyone under the age of 18 access to alcohol or drugs. Possession or distribution of illegal or controlled substances will result in expulsion from the convention and may be reported to local authorities. 


  1. Anybody under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or adult at all times. The guardian must purchase a badge, however children under the age of 16 are free. 

  2. Anybody 16 or 17 years old must have a signed and notarized parental consent document to obtain their badge. (No notary is required if your parent(s) can accompany you to registration and sign the form in person.) 

  3. Minors are never permitted to enter areas reserved for adults.

Medical Emergencies

  1. For life-threatening emergencies, dial 10111. Seek immediate help in cases of dangerous drug reactions or overdoses, including your own.

Harassment, Hate Speech, and Symbols

  1. Threats, harassment, and stalking will not be tolerated and will result in instant badge revocation and expulsion from the premises.

  2. If you are ever feeling threatened or harassed, clearly tell them to stop, and go to the Con Operation Room and remember that costumes, no matter how they appear, do not indicate consent.

  3. Speech promoting or encouraging discrimination, harassment, or violence based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, or nationality is strictly prohibited.

  4. Wearing, displaying, or propagating symbols associated with hate groups or organizations that promote discrimination, harassment, or violence is not allowed.

Registration and Badges

  1. Attendees must display their badge at all times in convention-exclusive areas. Fursuiters are not required to wear their badge openly but must have it with them.

  2. SAFC convention-exclusive areas are open only to registered attendees, who are identified by their attendance badge. A badge is valid only for the person to whom it was issued and may not be shared.

  3. Badges must be presented and/or surrendered to staff members upon request. Changing or obscuring information on your badge is not allowed, and the lanyard issued with your badge must not be changed to one of a different color.

Dress Code

  1. All attendees, including fursuiters, are required to wear appropriate attire at all times. 

  2. Overly revealing, inappropriate to the atmosphere of the convention, or likely to draw reasonable complaints or offense, will not be allowed. This includes clothing or accessories that are obviously fetish-related.

  3. Nudity, partial nudity, or overly revealing costumes are not allowed in any convention areas, including public spaces and the fursuit lounge.

  4. Wearing racist or offensive symbols, such as armbands, constitutes harassment and will be prohibited; you will be asked to remove such objects.


  1. There will be no firearms of any type. There will be no nerf weapons, water guns, neon-colored guns, bow and arrows, etc.. There are no sharp edges or points allowed.


  1. Keep in mind that fursuiters have very restricted visibility and may not see you even if they appear to be looking at you.

  2. Fursuiters must have a handler to assist with navigation and interactions, ensuring their safety and that of others.

  3. Fursuits with large protrusions or extensions should exercise caution when navigating through areas with limited clearance or short entrances. If necessary, remove any detachable or fragile parts of your fursuit before entering areas with low clearance.

  4. Please be mindful of your surroundings and avoid causing any damage to the venue or your fursuit. 


  1. Speakers must be switched off in areas where other people cannot walk away from them, such as inside rooms, when waiting in a line, in the Dealers Den, near a stage, or in a panel room. In areas where people can walk away from you, your music must always be quiet enough to talk over without raising your voice.

Photography and Audiovisual Recording

  1. By attending SAFC, you grant our staff members permission to photograph you in the convention area for promotional purposes only. We will always attempt to ask first, but you may still be in the background. 

  2. If you see yourself in one of our promotional photos and wish to be removed, please let us know and we will gladly blur you out or use a different image. 

  3. You have no claim or ownership over any photographs taken by convention staff for promotional purposes. 

  4. Everyone may shoot images and videos for personal and non-commercial purposes. Please make every effort not to photograph or video those who do not wish to be photographed.

  5. Always ask the main subject if a photograph is acceptable, and be prepared to blur or eliminate background individuals if they request it. 

  6. Cameras are not permitted in several places of the convention, including the Fursuit Lounge and the Art Gallery. If you witness someone shooting photos or video for commercial purposes (such as news articles), please report them to Con Operations.

Policy Revisions

  1. SAFC staff will make every effort to ensure that our attendees are safe. It is, however, impossible to anticipate every potential source of injury or accident. By attending the con, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the con and its staff from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, losses, damages, lawsuits, including reasonable attorneys' fees and court expenses, caused by, related to, or arising out of the con's operation. The liability of SAFC is limited to the cost of attendance. 

  2. We reserve the right to change or add to these policies at any time, and you are always responsible for following the most recent version of these policies. We will make every effort to notify you of any significant policy changes. 

  3. We want to make the con a pleasant and secure environment for everyone. Report anything you see to Con Staff. The most effective approach to have a problem fixed is to notify Con admins or Con staff members.

  4. These policies extend to SAFC's online presence, including social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and community-based platforms such as Discord. 

  5. Respectful behavior, appropriate content sharing, and adherence to platform-specific guidelines are expected. Violations may result in temporary or permanent removal from online spaces associated with SAFC.


 Fursuit Lounge Rules

  1. Be respectful to everyone who uses the lounge. Do not engage in behavior that is disruptive, disrespectful, or inappropriate.

  2. Only fursuiters and their handlers are allowed to enter the lounge. Please do not allow non-fursuiters to enter.

  3. Please keep the lounge clean and tidy. Once you leave the lounge, ensure that you have cleaned up after yourself and put away any items you may have used.

  4. Do not take or use other con-goers' personal belongings without their permission. Please be respectful of other attendees' property.

  5. Please do not peek into any dressing rooms or private areas of the lounge. Everyone deserves their privacy, and invading someone's personal space is not acceptable.

  6. Remember that you are responsible for your own items and fursuit while they are in the lounge. The convention is not liable for any lost or stolen items.

  7. The lounge will be locked at midnight every night and will reopen the next morning at 8AM. Please ensure that you have removed your belongings and fursuit before the lounge is locked.

  8. Finally, please report any suspicious or concerning behavior to a staff member immediately. Safety is our top priority, and we want everyone to feel comfortable and secure in the fursuit lounge.